BREKR performance set with remote control

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 Easy to install: 'Plug and Play'.
 Including adapter plug and two remote controls.
 Works on all Brekr B4000 variants regardless of software type.

 Reached with a 45 km/h (GEN 1 battery - aluminum case) Brekr; 58 km/h.
 Reached with a 25 km/h (GEN 1 battery - aluminum case) Brekr; 40 km/h.
Reached with a 45 km/h (GEN 2 battery - black case) Brekr; 60 km/h.
 Reached with a 25 km/h (GEN 2 battery - black case) Brekr; 42 km/h.

Increase Brekr speed? Then you've come to the right place!

The performance set is a custom made product for all Brekr B4000 variants. Both the 25 and 45 km/h variant regardless of the software type. You can easily switch the performance set on and off with the included remote controls.

Just get that extra bit of speed, so that you can keep up with traffic safely and better.

The video below shows the operation of the performance set: